Central Valley Rail Terminal

Transloading Services

Transloading Services

McFarland Terminal – high speed railcar offloading, blending and storage capabilities, metered FOB loading rack.

Bakersfield Terminal – blending and storage capabilities, high speed metered loading FOB rack with Scale House.

Bakersfield Bulk Storage – (tank farm) approx at 10k bbls, could easily open additional space. High speed metered loading rack and Scale House.

Operate a dedicated fleet of Semi tankers – (several with pumps). This may be of special interest as it allows us to vertically integrate, streamlining throughputs for delivery speed to market products to end users.

Terminal as a Service

Fuel transload & storage. Rail to truck, rail to storage, storage to truck, truck to rail. Pull fuel from our storage tanks or use our storage tanks to hold and pull your own with high speed, metered loading racks.

Renewable Jet Fuel from MSW Landfill Waste
Bio-Friendly Polymers as Offtake

Over 200,000 Gallons of Storage

CVT provides a full range of transportation fuels to Jobbers and Fuel Distribution businesses. Renewable Diesel.

Now Offering Trans Loading Services

Services for renewable biofuels distributors, via truck and rail.

Centrally located at the intersection of Hwy 99 and Hwy 46 (Paso Robles Highway). Central Valley Terminal is now an integral part of the Kern Counties

circular economy, by providing ultra low carbon renewables fuels for over-the road trucking, fleets, farms, and heavy off road machinery.

Advanced Biofuels from Green Waste

1 mile of Twin, Private Rail spurs

Have the capacity of receiving/shipping 12 rail cars per day.

Central Valley Terminal Transloading Services

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